North Fork Reform Synagogue presents...

Garden of Eve Organic Farm/Special Events, Limited Tours
Eve Kaplan-Walbrecht INTERVIEW by Kay Freeman
Grows vegetables, varieties herbs,  flowers and raises cows, goats, chickens,
rare breed animals, sheep, livestock guard-dogs. In-depth walking tour at
11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m..

Ty Llwyd Farm/Special Events, Limited Tours
Liz Wines INTERVIEW by Ellen Zimmerman
Raises chickens, ducks, geese in cage-free environment. Gather your own eggs
fresh from the nest. Ty Llwyd (produced "tea clue "id") has been an active farm
since 1870.  Grows vegetables and unusual  of potatoes. Tours at 10:00 a.m.,
11, 12 p.m., 1, 2, and 3. Limited to 15 people per tour.

Golden Earthworm Organic Farm/Visits all Day
Maggie Wood INTERVIEW by Kay Freeman
An organic farm nestled on 40 beautiful acres of pristine farmland by the sea. It
offers self-guided tour of its fields, talks about how the organic farm operates
and a chance to see its rare breed animals.

Shinn Estate Vineyards/Special Events/Limited Tours
Barbara Shinn INTERVIEW by Joyce Friedland
Learn about the vineyard's low-impact sustainable farming,  taste the results.
Shinn Estate now makes 13 wines, some in extremely small quantities. Guided
walking tour at 12:00 noon.

A Taste of the North Fork/Visits all Day
Jeri Woodhouse INTERVIEW by Joyce Friedland
Produces custom food products made with local ingredients-pestos,jams and
jellies, mustards, vineyards, vinaigrettes, dessert sauces, teas and mulling
spices, edible flower butters, brownie and cookie mixes and more. See the
kitchen where they are made and have a taste.

Koppert Cress USA/Visits all Day
Annemarie Van Hemmen INTERVIEW by Ellen Zimmerman
Very rare seeds selected from plants, herbs, vegetables and even trees are
hand-selected for maximum aroma and natural flavor and micro-vegetables are
grown in Long Island greenhouses all year round.  Restaurants use them as
exotic garnishes for their most elegant dishes.

Satur Farms/Special Events, Limited Tours
Paulette Satur INTERVIEW by Kay Freeman
Satur Farms open its fields to the public only once a year,  for the North Fork
Foodie Tour.  Join the guided tour to learn how they grow the specialty salads,
vegetables and herbs for high-end restaurants and gourmet grocery stores.

Sang Lee Farms/Special Events, Limited Tours
Karen Lee INTERVIEW by Ellen Love
Shows its organically grown vegetables, heirloom tomatoes, baby greens,
mesclun, herbs, specialty Asian greens.  Tastings all day. Guided tour and talk
at 2 p.m..

Catapano Dairy Farm/Special Events, Limited Tours
Karen Catapano INTERVIEW by Ellen Love
A small, family operated farm that raises goats and makes fresh milk cheeses,
yogurts, fudge, and goat milk skin-care products. Educational presentations on
cheese making and dairy goat farming tours are available.

Croteaux Vineyards and Farmhouse Kitchen Cooking School/Visits all Day
Paula Croteaux INTERVIEW by Joyce Friedland
Specializes in rose wine. See the vineyard, garden barnyard; also food tastings
and recipes. Whether you love to cook and bake, or have never turned on the
stove, this is an experience you don't want to miss.

The Farm/Visits all Day
K.K.Haspel INTERVIEW by Ellen Love
Offers vegetables, especially heirloom tomatoes, all grown biodynamically.

Pipes Cove Oysters Farm/Visits all Day
Darline J. Duffy INTERVIEW by Ellen Zimmerman
Tour participants will see how mature oysters are harvested, and each will
learn how to shuck their own oyster.

Lavender by the Bay Farm/Visits all Day
Susan Rozenbaum INTERVIEW by Joyce Friedland
Offers fresh-cut and dried lavender, lavender plants, sachets, soaps and skin
products. It also raises bees. Talks will be offered on beekeeping, lavender
culture and lore, and the many culinary uses for lavender.
North Fork Foodie Tour 2009
Sunday, September 13, 2009
Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
©2009ECOARTPEDIA Productions/ Video by Nohra Corredor
North Fork Reform Synagogue
FOODIE Tour headquarters will be the Peconic Land Trust's Charnew's Farm, Youngs Avenue between Rts. 25 and 48  
At Charnews Farm-Open house all day.  Pick up MAP of tour locations and general information after 9:00 a.m..

"WHAT'S ON YOUR PLATE? A juried exhibit of food-themed art in the barn at Charnews Farm, curated by Caroline Waloski,
Siren's Song Gallery, Greenport. Participating local artists include Arden Scott, David Nyce, Gina Gilmour, Mary Twomey
and Harvey Hellering.

"The New Agrarian Scene"  Video-documentary is also available upon request.

Talks, tastings, demonstrations, family-fun activities throughout the day highlighting how the farm supports local agriculture.
Bring your own and picnic on the grass.
Excerpt from Interview Paula Croteaux
Excerpt from Interview Jeri Woodhouse
Excerpt from Interview Annemarie Van Hemmen
Excerpt from Interview Karen Catapano
Excerpt from Interview Karen Lee
Video Interview 2009 Excerpt
Maggie Wood Interview excerpt
Video Interview 2009 Excerpt
Excerpt from Interview Susan Rozenbaum
North Fork Foodie Tour 2009 Announcements
Excerpt from Interview Darline J. Duffy
Eve Kaplan Video Interview Excerpt
Liz Wines Video Interview Excerpt
Special Places

SPAT (Southold Project in Aquaculture Training), part of the Cornell Marine ProgramEvents, Limited Tours
Encourages community members to help restore shellfish to the bays by growing minuscule shellfish (spats) until they can be released in local creeks and bays. Learn how the program works.
North Quarter BISON Farm/Visits all Day

Dee Muma INTERVIEW by Joyce Friedland
The farm has a free-ranging herd bison.  See where they roam and find out how the farm operates.
Excerpt from Interview Paulette Satur
Dee Muma Excerpt from Interview
North Fork Foodie Tour 2009 Announcements
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