North Fork Reform Synagogue presents...
Foodie Tour Participants
"The New Agrarian Scene"...Farm to Table
Organic vegetable farms,  
asian greens, fresh laid eggs,
oyster farm,bees and lavender
farm, goat dairy, fresh milk
cheeses, special wineries,
kitchen cooking school, micro
greens, herbs and more...a
taste of the North Fork! Farm to
©2009 ECOARTPEDIA PRODUCTIONS/Video by Nohra Corredor
North Fork Reform Synagogue Foodie Tour 2009
North Fork Reform Synagogue presents..CLICK...Foodie Tour
2009     Video-Interviews WITH PARTICIPANTS
North Fork Foodie Tour 2009
"Get to know the extraordinary people who have dedicated their lives to
producing unique local foods and wines and learn how they do it"

Sunday, September 13,2009
North Fork Foodie Tour 2009 Announcements
22-minute video
documentary about
North Fork Farming
and featuring
excerpts from NFRS
Foodie Tour 2009
interviews will be
aired at
Channel 20 every
Wednesday at noon
September 2009

DVD available upon
request 631.722.5712